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2D All the way! / 2d game, how to, help

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Joined: 19th Jan 2010
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Posted: 24th Jan 2010 17:15
hi all, i was wondering if there is any way in Dark GDK to , have the frames per second set at 60, and have an animated sprite, move and at the same time play its animation, but the animation not been played at the full 60 fps,

if (dbLeftKey () == 1)
if (playerframe > 5
playerframe = 4;
else if ( playerframe > 1 )
else playerframe = 4;
dbSprite ( 6, playerx,playery, 6 );
playerx = playerx - 1;
this code, moves the player to the left and animates it but when set at 60 fps, the animation looks like the legs of the Road Runner in the LooneyToones, im looking for a way to slow that effect down, but am really clueless any help is appreciated
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Joined: 23rd Dec 2009
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Posted: 25th Jan 2010 15:49
You could set the animation to repeat each frame. Like, do the 1st frame twice, the 2nd twice, etc.

Although, I know almost nothing about coding, so I could sound crazy right about now.

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Posted: 26th Jan 2010 23:57 Edited at: 26th Jan 2010 23:58
I'd recommend storing playerframe in a float variable instead of an integer, and then when you call the command to set the frame, pass the variable casted as an int.

(I think you'd use something along the lines of dbSetSpriteFrame(1, int(playerframe));, but I don't have DarkGDK so I don't know the exact command name for sure)

Then, instead of changing the frame by 1.0 every game cycle, you could change it by 0.5 to halve the speed, or 0.1 for 1/10th the speed, etc.
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Joined: 29th Jan 2010
Posted: 29th Jan 2010 19:35

You need to add a animation delay in-between frames. This
has to be per set of animation. (Each animation set has its own delay number)

I am not sure if Dark GDK can do that. I am using .NET programming.

See my video on the game I am working on:

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