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Program Announcements / Terrorist Arrow Attack

Drew Cameron
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Joined: 30th Jan 2004
Location: Scotland
Posted: 31st Jan 2010 18:50

V1.0, 15mb. Needs 1280x1024 monitor, still things that can be improved - they'll come in time if this proves popular.

charger bandit
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Joined: 10th Nov 2009
Location: Slovenia
Posted: 31st Jan 2010 20:56
The game was pretty fun to play,everything was nice.Some area improvments would be nice like some new shapes ect. and more areas.I easily got to level 8 without dying then I was too bored to play.Maybe enemies should be faster.

A.K.A djmaster
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Joined: 29th May 2005
Posted: 1st Feb 2010 01:01
I think the enemies should make noise, and there should be a health indicator. Other wise it was fun to play, very polished.

Bran flakes91093
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Joined: 13th Sep 2008
Location: Crazy Land
Posted: 1st Feb 2010 01:57
I really enjoyed it. Got to level 19 until I ran into a group of 10 arrows .

It does desperately need sound when rebuilding barriers so you can tell when they're fully rebuilt and for when the arrows start breaking them back down.

Your_Health = (My_Mood == HAPPY) ? 100 : NULL;
Blobby 101
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Joined: 17th Jun 2006
Location: England, UK
Posted: 2nd Feb 2010 22:03
great! I definitely think the arrows' trademark buzzing should be in it though

General Jackson
User Banned
Posted: 4th Feb 2010 05:07
Ya know I am downloading it right now, but this here might prove helpful to you


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