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Work in Progress / Pre processor type thingy.

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Joined: 1st Feb 2003
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Posted: 11th Sep 2003 02:16
After a lot of time being annoyed by the lack of option explict in dbpro and my bad typeing skills. I have decided to write a solution rather than learn to type properly.

The idea is to rename the compiler and drop a program that intercepts the source writes it to a file then runs any number of other programss that analise the source and display the results to the user. At the same time the program will call the real compiler and have the program compiled.

I haven't written the meat of the program that will analise the source yet but do have system that does everything else and just about works.

It's only redeaming feature is fixing the set through mode problems with Update 5.
It currently does nothing else appart from let you look at the source the ide sends to the compiler.

It will also show an open dialog if run without command line arguments so you will be able to use it to look at projects without doing compiling them.

I am really looking for ideas of what to include.
I was also thinking of useing a simple to represent say
sprite 1,sprite x(1),sprite y(1),sprite image(1)
sprite 1,~,~,~ and have it convert the ~ into the relevent function.
Or good ways to control it. Triggers in source files like "`preproc_on" on the first line etc.
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Posted: 11th Sep 2003 15:38
The only thing that I would like to see extra is a full C style preprocessor.

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