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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Dark AI AISetEntityHit function Help????

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Posted: 9th Mar 2010 16:28
I am trying to use AISetEntityHit to notify AI objects that they have been hit...

MY question is the parameters include Direction X and Direction Z.. I am confused on what these represent... if I have a player at say 0,0 and the AI object is at say 50,50... what would the direction in the function be... 0,0? 50,50, or something else...
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Posted: 22nd Mar 2010 19:34 Edited at: 22nd Mar 2010 19:34
I think it works on vectors. So if your entity is stood at 0,0 and is hit by a player at 50,50 then you would give it -50,-50, because that is the direction the bullet was traveling in when it hit the enemy...

Here's my code:

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