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2D All the way! / Side scrolling - vertical scrolling

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Joined: 10th Jun 2009
Posted: 9th Mar 2010 16:53
Hi all,
I was wondering, how you would implement a scrolling type game, eg Doodle Jump on the iphone.

How would you go about making it scroll as you progress? Would this also work in 3d or will need to be done another way?
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Posted: 10th Mar 2010 02:49
You would want to apply scrolling values to all the objects on the screen when the player moves closer to the edge of the screen.

Some pseudo code as an example to show you how to scroll a background when you walk left and right.

This will check to see if the player's position is greater than 600, if it is then the X background scroll will increase, if the player's position is less than 200 then the X background scroll will decrease, otherwise the player's position will change.

You would then subtract the backgroundX scroll value to all the objects/enemies in your level when you draw them.

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