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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Planetary gravity help

Merak Spielman
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Joined: 14th Jul 2008
Posted: 21st Mar 2010 09:20
It's fairly simple to use Newton's equation to determine the attractive force between two objects.

But that's where I got stuck...

I have two spheres of known size, mass, and position.

Using Newton's equation, I know the amount of gravitational force pulling them together.

I also have a function that allows me to apply force to an object.

Now here's where I get stuck... the force I apply to the object has be in the format of (x,y,z) with the amount of force on each axis inputted.

If I remember my math correctly, I have to use a trig function here, probably a cosine... But I can't remember exactly how.

Here is my code so far:

Now I just need to use this function somehow to compute how to move my objects:


Where x is the force applied to the x axis, and so forth.

I need to figure the equation, using my TotalForce number, to figure out those 3 axis inputs.
Matty H
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Posted: 21st Mar 2010 13:36

I think you are using my lib so I posted on that thread so it may help other people also.

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