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2D All the way! / Pixel Perfect Collisions (download)

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Joined: 30th Mar 2010
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Posted: 7th Apr 2010 03:11
UPDATE: 4/6/10 4:35PM
-Added Demo (source code and files for examples...compile and run)
-ADDED FUNCTION fixCollisions() BETA //This will run slower if multiple collisions or detections take place...keyword, BETA
->Allows user to have an auto fix for any collision. See documentation.

-Currently working on fix for sprites with no/some outline
-Testing code to help with multiple collisions or detection of sprite masks (best way to achieve this right now is to minimize your key color in picture)

-When testing out the demo, please feel free to try out multiple sprites! I want you to see that it works with all shapes and sizes!

When using multiple animations for a sprite(such as loading multiple bitmaps for 1 character), be sure and take a good look at the demo. I've created a for loop that detects collisions w/ the character and all objects in level. Before this, I set what direction he was going as a boolean value. This way, when you use dbHideSprite(), the collision is not gonna be tested for each individual sprite (visible or not). This will speed up the collisions by 4x.

DOWNLOAD -------------------------------->


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Dark Dragon
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Posted: 7th Apr 2010 22:27 Edited at: 28th May 2010 04:36

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