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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / [DBP] Character controller gravity??

Interplanetary Funk
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Joined: 19th Apr 2010
Location: Ipswich, United Kingdom
Posted: 28th Apr 2010 23:54
Basically, the "phy set gravity x, y, z" command isn't working on my character controller, no matter what I set it to the character controller always falls at the same rate. Any help would be great =)

here's my source:
Matty H
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Joined: 7th Oct 2008
Location: England
Posted: 4th May 2010 00:00
Character controllers are just refined versions of kinematic actors so they are not affected by gravity, you need to add your own.
A simple way is to just move it down every frame, when it hits the floor it will appear to come to rest.

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