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Program Announcements / Apocalypse Viewer DEMO OUT!

Alfa x
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Posted: 4th May 2010 21:29 Edited at: 4th May 2010 21:38
************************ DEMO OUT ************************

The Demo of the Apocalypse viewer is out.

We encourage you to test it out, and to feedback us on your experience. We want to know also if its worth to be a commercial tool and pay for it and if not, what can we do so it can become worth paying for it.

We hope you like it.

You can view the original thread at:




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Joined: 26th Dec 2006
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Posted: 6th May 2010 17:46
Cool, downloading now!

I've been looking in on the WIP for a while.

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Posted: 6th May 2010 21:08 Edited at: 6th May 2010 21:09
Nice, I'll give it a go


Alfa x
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Posted: 12th May 2010 21:15
I have been speaking with other people that is testing the AV, and they had some questions that I consider similar to a FAQ and that I want to share:

What is/are the main intent of what it is to do?

The main intent of the the AV, is to develop a tool to help in the development process as a middle tier between the image applications like photoshop, and 3d Applications like blender with the development engine (DBPRO for example). This way you can see object directly as they are going to be in the game with the possibility to load AV Projects in DBPRO.

For example, you can apply effects in the texture window, see animations before the object is integrated, and have an object project ready to load.

One person could have all the objects of a game as AV projects.

Is it mainly for texture blending capabilities?

No. Although is a very useful Characteristic of the Viewer, the idea is to have an complete object project, including also for example, object performance analyzing or world lighting in the object (By 3D lights window)

What are the main reasons why someone would purchase it?

Because he can be more productive in their development and have an object with all the characteristics its going to have in one place, and available to load immediately in their projects.

The AV also serves as an integration with image manipulation software such as GIMP or Adobe Photshop, as you can see automatically when you update images how the object changes in the AV.

The AV is also in continuous development

What does it give them, that other programs don't?

The apocalypse viewer will act as a framework in top of DBRPO - DarkGDK (and maybe can be useful for other software) That gives the ability to keep object as they were in the games in one place with many features applied to them (Texture, lights, animations and so on),and to work directly in the object as it where in the DBPRO - DarkGDK, and to do things (some now, some will come in the future), that are not avaible in other tools.
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Posted: 16th May 2010 16:39
Based on the original thread, this looks really cool!

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Posted: 12th Jun 2010 02:07
Hi! Here's a little video showing one of the tools of the Apocalypse Viewer. The texturing tool allows the user to apply textures (texture blending) to a 3D model that way he/she can see how the different textures and blending modes affect the look of the model.
In the video you can also see an auto realoading system for the textures, that way the user can make changes to the textures and immediately see how the model looks after the modifications.(There's an autosaving system for Gimp used in the video also)

Here's the link:

BTW Did anyone try the demo?
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Posted: 13th Jun 2010 02:07
Havent tried the demo, but after watching the video.. downloading nao

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Posted: 13th Jun 2010 21:26
Very cool! Nice work.

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