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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Exclude Object when it is not visible [DarkAI]

Serge Adjo
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Joined: 3rd Aug 2006
Posted: 18th May 2010 18:20
Hi everyone,
assuming you have 100 Objects in a complex scene with many view blocking obstacles: the code below will help hiding the 100 Objects whenever they are not visible ! The idea is to use 'AI Get Entity Can See ( Entity Number, X#, Z#, Height )' to improve graphic performance

But this method has a big drawback: since the center of the objects are used to compute if they are visible, the method produce clipping when the object is partly behind an obstacle...

please, help me improve this technique by using the ends of the objects to compute their visibility instead of the center, how can I do ?

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