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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / People who needs help... People attaking in game

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Posted: 29th May 2010 00:47
Hello, I had a problem a while ago with have ai poeple in my game attack other ai people or even you the player. Now before you read any further you need dark ai to do this tutorial. First of all you create land with two objects and with animations with the two objects (or can not have animations if u want). Now to create land just build a matrix with texture. Ok then you create entities of both of the objects and have their stats set (speed, turn speed, etc). Now create four boxes and two small spheres. Make two boxes the same sizes as the two entities sizes and make the other two boxes a lot bigger. Position a small box and a large box on both of the entites position. Now make the boxes hidden but still there. When the large box of one entity hits the other entities large ( use object hit command for collision) the two entities will move close close to each other ( an ai command from dark ai). The two small spheres (when the two large boxes collide) will appear inside bothe of the entities and rotate to the other entity and move towards the entity. When the bullet hits the smaller box it will lower the health. I know this is confusing but soon I will post some sample code, and ask questions! I hope this helped you!

sov the game creator!

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