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Joined: 16th Jun 2009
Location: Altis
Posted: 16th Jun 2010 04:08
Hi, I recently started working with dark AI and I noticed that all the pathfinding tools seem to be for 2d levels. I was wondering, how do you make it work for a fully 3d game, like a space shooter? Is that even possible?

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Joined: 5th Jun 2007
Location: Oslo,Norway
Posted: 16th Jun 2010 14:21
Yes, but if you want a totally dynamic level where the different levels aren't just scattered randomly around it will take time to manually setup the collisions, but for example (say fps creator) all the levels are a specific height so each height is a new container and to get into the new containers you would have to walk a stair or something and collide with an object which you can then read that collision and say that whichever object collided with it will go 1 container up/down...

Sorry if that did not make any sense :/

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Joined: 27th Dec 2007
Posted: 17th Jun 2010 05:43
You explained it good .

The Pokemon Engine is still alive.

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