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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Check List to try to get Dark PhysX going.[not GDK]

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Posted: 14th Jul 2010 11:08 Edited at: 19th Jan 2011 15:39
Made this post so that anyone can link to it.

What you have here is a guide that should get Dark Physx up and running.


ok, So lets check a few things and see which you can say 'YES' I've done that.

This is for installing Dark PhysX for use in Dark Basic Pro, Not GDK.

1. if using vista or windows 7 have you given it the right to run.
2. installed directX 9.0c link here.
3. install Dark Physx update 1.05.[find in your order history]
4. activated Dark physx with Dark physX key not the DBPro one.
5. downloaded the latest Nvidia physX drivers, link here.
6. download and install the 19th Jan 2010 update.(you'll find that in the same place you found the 1.05 update.)
if you say yes to everything above then it should be working.

if its still not working try this.[this is usually happens in XP]

Hint: If after un-installing you install again and do not get the accept conditions box, then try option below.
if it looks like the installer is not install the code, load bar jump to the end after just doing 20 30% of the loading.

This problem can occur from time to time. To solve it go to c:\program files\installshield installation information. You will probably see a large list of folders in here all with very long names.
There will likely be two folders for Dark Physics
To confirm these are the correct ones go into each of these folders and open Setup.ini. There will be a listing for AppName. Ensure it contains the keywords Dark Physics. If it does then delete both of these folders.

Now go to the directory where DB Pro is installed and then into the Compiler folder and finally plugins-licensed. In here delete DarkPhysics.dll, NxCharacter.dll, NxCooking.dll, NxExtensions.dll and PhysXLoader.dll. These are the core files for Dark Physics.

Next download the latest version of Dark Physics and install this. Also grab the latest drivers if you not done so already.


Now if you have succeed in making DarkPhysX go you might like to install or visit the following.
1. Nvidia Visual Debugger found will have to make an account to dowload the file.
2. the SDK files found here. Help's if you have some knowledge of C++. Plus softbodies software.
3. ready to run demos, see if you graphics card is man enough.
4. forum section might help.

If you think of something that you think would help others do post a link.

Dark Physics makes any hot drink go cold.

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