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2D All the way! / Best method for multiple animation sprite ?

User Deleted
Posted: 6th Aug 2010 21:17
I am about to create a 2D character, the character will have simple animations for run, jump, duck, fire etc.

What would be the most useful method to supply each frame, or what would take the less code for it to work in DBPro i.e supplying the coder with single images or a grid of images ?
I will be giving these frames to a third party and I don't want to give them a load of extra work to do!

Grog Grueslayer
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Posted: 7th Aug 2010 00:14
It depends on the programmer. Some like individual images and some like a grid. Typically if it's for an animated sprite it should be in one file so they can just use the CREATE ANIMATED SPRITE command. Make sure the size of the image isn't an odd number or there will be a wobble when it's played. The attached file is 434x32.


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