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Program Announcements / Dego - Co-op Action RPG

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Joined: 9th Apr 2005
Posted: 7th Nov 2010 23:09
I didn't plan on selling Dego, even if all the graphics were custom. And yeah, making graphics is a ton of work. What holds me back in all my projects is whether or not I have the graphics to make it.

Medicine Soup
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Joined: 11th Apr 2006
Posted: 19th Nov 2010 16:56
100% of RPG maker graphics are allowed to be put into commercial games so long as you have a licensed copy of RPG maker. You don't have to make the game in RPG maker, just own a license to it.

Out of curiosity, which graphics ARE custom? I haven't seen any bad graphics, so whichever graphics are custom work I would like to congradulate the artist on.


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