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DarkBASIC Discussion / Flicker on DarkBasic CLI Screen

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Joined: 14th Aug 2010
Posted: 14th Aug 2010 17:24
We just purchased DarkBasic for my son. When he clicks the CLI button, it goes to the CLI screen but the top part (output I assume) flickers/flashes a few times per second.

Running Windows 7, tried this on two computers and updated DirectX. I read the sticky which says something about adding Setup.ini to the directory where the binaries live, but I don't see where to get Setup.ini.

- occamdude
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Joined: 17th Jan 2009
Posted: 15th Aug 2010 11:36
Theres nothing wrong with your computer or darkbasic.

copy and paste these commands into the darkbasic editor:

print "Hello World"

then press f5 on your keyboard to run it
if you did everything write it should display the words Hello World
then press the escape or f12 key on your keyboard to return to the editor.

cls clears the screen and stops the flashing
print puts the text in the quotes on the screen

hope i helped
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Posted: 15th Aug 2010 13:39

The flashing indicates to me that you have the sync off. This means that the screen is updated after every command, thus the flashing. Before you start coding a game, always perform the following setup commands:

sync on/sync off - If on, the screen will only be updated after you call the command "sync". This allows you to position and calculate objects, or print a lot of different text and shapes to the screen before rendering it. If off, the screen will be updated after every command, which can result in flickering. Only use this if you are making a text adventure.

sync rate - This command will set the "frame rate" of the game. Only use it if you have the sync on. The usual value most games use is 60.

backdrop on/backdrop off - If on, everything from the last render on the screen will be cleared and replaced with the updated render. If off, the screen wont be cleared, which can cause smearing. This is good for text adventure games if you want the text to stay on the screen.

color backdrop - Will color the backdrop to a certain color. Use the "rgb(<red value>,<green value>,<blue value>".

hide mouse/show mouse - Will hide or show the mouse.

autocam on/autocam off - If on, the camera will lock onto the last object created, if off, the camera will not lock on and stay positioned at the last given positions (default : 0,0,0)

And that's about it. So for a text adventure, you'd use something like:


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Joined: 23rd Jul 2006
Posted: 15th Aug 2010 14:03
Hello and welcome.

Quote: "We just purchased DarkBasic for my son. When he clicks the CLI button, it goes to the CLI screen but the top part (output I assume) flickers/flashes a few times per second."

So I'm assuming this is during the command prompt when a program isn't actually running - just the CLI. Well, during the running of a program the suggestions above should help. You can even try typing the commands directly at the CLI prompt:

CLS 0 [press enter]

See if that stops the flashing.

Flashing in the CLI isn't necessarily a deal breaker. When you are coding a program, you can put LOCK CLI at the very top of the program before running it and it will bypass the CLI altogether - it's not a solution to the flashing in the CLI, but it may be a solution to being annoyed.

And the sticky post you reference should contain a copy of the setup.ini file. I'll attach it here for good measure. This should help as well with any flashing and help with managing the performance of DarkBASIC Clasic (DBC).

Enjoy your day.


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