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Program Announcements / [Appup] [DBP] Keyboard Jam For Netbooks

Grumpy Jedi
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Joined: 16th Jan 2010
Posted: 16th Aug 2010 03:39
Hey all,

My game for the appup store is now in beta. It's called Keyboard Jam For Netbooks.

It was written in DBPro.

Keyboard Jam is a rhythm game, that also teaches people how to type, while they play through it.

This version was specifically created for Netbooks and runs in a 1024x600 resolution. It will however adapt to the size of the screen its run on, although the games actual resolution will still be 1024x600.

I'm currently looking for testers. if you're interested send me an email with the email address you used to signup for the appup store and I can add you to the beta list.

The app will then be available for you to download and test on the myapps tab in the store.

For those that don't know, the appup store does run on desktops even though it's designed with Netbooks in mind.

For more information on Keyboard Jam visit
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Joined: 6th Jun 2006
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Posted: 16th Aug 2010 03:53
You'd probably get a bit more recognition over on the Intel competition board.

You also have a chance of winning a prize there.

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