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DarkBASIC Discussion / DarkBasic Pro is 10 bucks for full version?

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Joined: 15th Jul 2010
Posted: 16th Sep 2010 05:18
So I was bored and I checked out the stickys at the top of the DBP discussion place. And went to Appup, apparently DBP is 10 bucks there as is FPS Creator. Why is it so much costlier on this site?

Years of Service
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Joined: 30th Jun 2006
Location: On Toast
Posted: 17th Sep 2010 21:32
I thought DBP was free now?

Brendy boy
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Joined: 17th Jul 2005
Location: Croatia
Posted: 18th Sep 2010 21:02
Quote: "I thought DBP was free now?"

yes, it is

Yodaman Jer
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Posted: 19th Sep 2010 02:10
It's free to a certain have to buy a license from TGC to sell anything you make with it.

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