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2D All the way! / Help please.

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Joined: 28th Sep 2010
Posted: 28th Sep 2010 23:53
So i have this class where we need to use DarkBasic to make a game to go along with a story line.
My teacher insists on me using 3D, but i want to use 2D. I have a great idea too, i just don't know how to start it nor how to code it. I have basic knowledge of this program.

My design would involve a can character catching falling fruit from the sky. There would be a score and time display aswell as a "goal" for the number of fruits needed to win the game. She told us to only do one level so i would need help doing this. I also would like something bonus falling that you can catch, such as stars (randomly but not frequent) I would like to know how i can trigger the lose screen if you don't catch the "goal" amount fruits and how to trigger a win screen with high scores and where you can enter your initials. Thank you.
Grog Grueslayer
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Posted: 29th Sep 2010 18:16 Edited at: 29th Sep 2010 18:17
Quote: "I would like to know how i can trigger the lose screen if you don't catch the "goal" amount fruits"

Not to be mean but if you don't know how to do an IF/THEN statement then your "basic knowledge" doesn't sound like very much. Check out TDKs tutorials first:

Part 1 will teach you about storing values (like score and a goal) in variables and/or arrays and it will teach you about IF/THEN statements.

Part 2 will teach you about loops so you can have multiple objects falling at the same time.

Part 3 will teach you about screen coordinates so you know where everything is going to go and how to make things "fall" from the top of the screen.

Part 4 will teach you about reading/writing to files and how to make high score tables.

Part 8 will teach you about timers and how to calculate them for your time display.

Once you start learning the above I'll teach you how to load images and work with sprites. Post in this thread any time you're confused about TDKs tutorials or about your own code. We will all do our best to help you through this class.

Kevin Picone
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