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Program Announcements / nDo: normal creation toolkit (free!)

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Joined: 1st Nov 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 14th Oct 2010 09:18
A superbly useful normal mapping tool, done by a friend and colleague of mine.

There\'s an HTML resource:

And the "proper" resource, which requires Silverlight:

Basically: use photoshop to draw normal maps, using custom brushes and everything. No need for 3D, baking or anything and no risks for ugly artifacts.

It's absolutely free and comes with a bunch of extremely useful professional-grade tutorials.
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Joined: 9th Jun 2004
Location: Trapped Under Ice
Posted: 15th Oct 2010 13:37
AMAZING! will try out when I get back from work! Tell your friend they are awesome

metal is not music but a way of life...all hail to the reigning king METALLICA!!! [EDIT] ...well... up until "Load" came out.
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Joined: 26th Dec 2006
Location: Duffield
Posted: 21st Oct 2010 15:17
That's absolutely fantastic... I'll be using that from now on. The GIMP plugin was OK but this gives you so much more control!

Thanks entomophobiac!

Red Eye
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Joined: 15th Oct 2008
Posted: 25th Oct 2010 17:41 Edited at: 25th Oct 2010 17:42
Hmmm... what about .....

Sorry for that , good mood today, nevertheless awesome plugin.

Indeed very good.

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Joined: 3rd Sep 2010
Posted: 27th Nov 2010 03:34
Seriously great share. I have been playing with it for awhile now and going through the tutorial on the site. What a great little toy to play with Thanks!
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Joined: 27th May 2003
Location: ITALIA
Posted: 16th Dec 2010 23:23 Edited at: 17th Dec 2010 00:26
wondering where i have to place the ndo files i've downloaded.

it always a nightmare. instructions stops always at one step before the end. or there aren't any. always the same... tired.

there is all, even the name of the cat of the developer, but not where to place those files!!!

edit: i got it... very strange system btw.

edit2: not working, it says missing javascript code.

i've a ratio of 10% works 90% don't works with those things. i'm going to book for Lourdes.

edit3: ok, managed to work, ndo must be c:\ndo\...
but no effect like the tutorials on my textures. only a light blue and changing values is useless.

aaahhh i hate that damned things like normal map and so on. i found myself ever complaining with normals or shaders, i never found a good tutorial starting with the ABC, and never found a good normal tool. you say ndo is good, i say ndo it hard to use.

this is what i got. i don't believe the normal map for this texture is this very light blue texture.

i know is for free... i'm so and because there isn't a time i can manage to do something like normal mapping or using shaders. even retyping the same code of an example, it doesn't work. really, for christmast i'm going to lourdes. downloading PSD examples. what? 40 mb each!... oh no...

Edit4: and finally.... loading example in photoshop... lots of unloadable layers... loading error.

maybe the problem is photoshop, i've cs2.
uff,many problems here, switching to Deluxe paint 4 on my old Amiga, maybe ndo can finally works.


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