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FPS Creator X10 / change walk speed ingame by script?

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Joined: 26th Oct 2009
Location: netherlands
Posted: 5th Nov 2010 00:10
hi, is it possible to change the walk speed and jump height when pressing a key?

for example

press: Y and you jump instead of 100, 300
Press: T and you run instead of 100, 300

in one script. while playing the game as a feature


Le Shorte
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Joined: 6th Apr 2009
Location: Wisconsin
Posted: 5th Nov 2010 02:51
I believe you can do this with FPIeditpad. Go download it in the script section and play around with it

I do private FPSC scripting- email for more details.
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Joined: 19th Sep 2009
Location: Volgograd
Posted: 5th Nov 2010 19:35
You can change your movement speed by editing the start marker, and I am sure you can make something that will allow you to decrease or increase your speed using trigger zones.

Putting fear back into sliced bread since 4th May 2010

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