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DarkBASIC Discussion / This is what i did to get it working on Windows 7 Ultimate X86

Blue Steel AU
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Posted: 5th Nov 2010 12:05 Edited at: 5th Nov 2010 12:06
This is what i did to get it working on Windows 7 Ultimate X86

When I downloaded the distro which i purchaced and installed
It was at v1.13 so i went to the update secuton from the menu on the DBC web page and d/loaded the 1.20 update and copied all the files accross as told

Then I
Quote: "
right click on DB.exe
select Properties
open Compatability Tab
Tick these boxes

Disable Visual Themes
Disable Desktop composition
Disable display scaling on hi DPI settings

Run as Administrator

click apply and close the properties window

Then I had to create the setup.ini (because after the install it wasn't in there) and paste in these settings
(I believe that it requres a copy of this file in every executables distribution/directory from what i've read in other threads on the forum)

Then i copied the d3drm.dll file from the DarkBasic directory to the windows/system32/ directory
(this was so that and compiled programs would find it)

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Posted: 6th Nov 2010 00:11
thanks blue

this is good to know for when i buy a new computer with windows 7. i'll add this thread to my book marks for later.....

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