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Program Announcements / FPSC Full Multi Player Support

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Joined: 29th Aug 2009
Posted: 6th Nov 2010 00:23
Were working on redoing the FPSC Source to allow full multi player support. Basicly what it will do is load a menu screen. Click on Map Selection or something to the nature. A drop down will appear and you can pick the map you want to play on. This feature will be built into the engine its self. Plus we plan on fixing the issue when you try to build in multi player, it denys your ability to make adjustments to the menu section etc. Thus why Im pumping out multi player games like this one:


We also thought about creating a Online Host version. But that will be when I get Dark GDK .Net installed most likely. Basicly players will log into the website. An pick maps to play from a list. We will probly require a membership for that one.

Anyway if you guys want to help us mod the source code please PM me. Please note you will need Dark Basic Pro. I will not provide you with my copy. Get your own lol Plus you will need a copy of FPS Creator its self. Keep in mind it all needs to be legal copies. I tend to check on those things an report piracy on projects. Respect the creators. They made it for you to use but they need to profit as well.
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Joined: 14th May 2010
Location: Australia
Posted: 6th Nov 2010 00:31
Sounds cool, I was pretty fast

That may require a lot of work though, but could still work.


Poloflece, not to be mistaken for polofleece, polar fleece or polar flece.
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Joined: 15th Jul 2010
Posted: 6th Nov 2010 00:55
This is for completed games, dlls, or whatever. This should be in the WIP thread(if you have done considerable progress on it). But it sounds pretty cool, but its gonna take a lot of time to do.

Michael P
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Joined: 6th Mar 2006
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Posted: 9th Nov 2010 19:27
You using a networking plugin for this? Also if you haven't made any progress yet you can't post this, not even in WIP.

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