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FPS Creator X10 / [LOCKED] Mortis (Game Delayed)

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Posted: 18th Nov 2010 21:04
2012 humanity is dying, the recent wars its been raging and the sudden population boom strain all economies, governments start looking for a way to make a leap in technology with machinery but it is still dragging on.

But in 2013 a genetic mutation is found in the human genome by accident when trying to find a way to improve chances that children will not be born with disabilities. the mutation could be changed to make humans more resilient, stronger and heal faster than any creature on earth and therefore better workers and soldiers.

The discovery is jumped upon by many countries who vow to keep it secret, some scientists worked with it but only the best are allowed to continue this research and even experiment on animals to try and unlock this genetic advantage.

There are rumours about the research and soon the countries have to come clean. An announcement is made that over 1.5 billion people tune in to, the research being done is to enhance the lives of all humans is the focus of the talk. There are many people unhappy with it but as time goes on they start to sway towards the idea.

After 9 years of hard work the first human test subject is changed. The operation is a success the man suddenly becomes a superhuman and more volunteers flood in but few are accepted. Many T.V. broadcasts are made showing the new abilities he has gained and him also explaining the "safe and quick" process which he went through.

5 years later there seems to be no long term side effects and it is announced that the genetics research has been perfected and that all humans will be able to receive the "upgrade to the MAGNUS BREED the next stage in human evolution" (the theory being that it will pay itself back with workers that do twice or even three times as much work though taxes do seem to increase). Most people jump at the opportunity and only a few decide against it.

The world looks set for a promising future.

50 years later...

The world is in ruins the Mortis Breed roam the desolate cities in search of weak prey, Humans, they can smell them even though only a few remain. Some who retained their sanity are armed with armour and weapons they found, the others, the lower race run amok killing humans for their need to consume.

The Game will be made most likely in FPSC X10 or another engine depending on whether I decide to make it first person shooter or third person free roam with a main story. I will continue to plan this game on here and improve the idea but I feel that I would like to make it third person free roam and therefore I need to make it in DBPro and I don't have the coding skill to make a large game like that at the moment so I will develop one or two small games to improve my skill. I will post links here.

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