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Work in Progress / Escape! A little text graphics action game

Todd Riggins
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Posted: 3rd Dec 2010 21:44

This little action text game pits you in a goblin prison tower where you must try to escape to freedom. On each level of the tower, you must find a key to unlock the exit room door to be able to get to the exit which leads to the next level.

The tower has no windows so everything is dark. You will have a torch that you can turn on and off. You will be able to find the key with the light of your torch. Be aware though! Goblin guards are everywhere. Even though they like to sleep a lot, if you get somewhat close to them they will sense a presence stirring about and wake up. Goblin guards also carry torches. They will chase you if they see you. If you get out of their line of sight or turn off your torch where they can't see you anymore, they will probably give up and go back to sleep.

Whats featured in this code is the Line Of Sight code. I was able to port the code from C code over to *DBPro code that I got off the internet( the link to the internet C code is give in the code comments ). With it, it gave me a nice LOS effect with what the player can see around him with the torch light and also to be able to see any lit up areas from goblin torches.

* I will put the LOS code in the snippets forum.

Click link below to get the source code

The game executable is attached in rar format if you don't want to compile the code but rather go straight into play'n da game! Hope somebody might like this. Enjoy!

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