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Work in Progress / The Apprentice Engine

Travis Gatlin
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Joined: 14th May 2009
Location: Oxford, Alabama
Posted: 9th Dec 2010 03:49 Edited at: 9th Dec 2010 03:58
This is an Open Source TPS Creator This is at Alpha 0.2 stage really, it's just at a Semi-Usable state, of course you cannot make a game in it's current state, but that's why it's alpha.

Temporary Custom Terrain
Character Movement
Character Animation
Default Media Path Settings
.X and .3DS Model File Support
jpg, dds, bmp, tga file support
Model Scaling

Realtime Terrain Modification (BlitzTerrain)
Terrain Sculpting
Enviroment Mapping
Realistic Physics(Newton Physics)
Character\Enemy Ragdoll
(Hopefully) Realtime day\night cycles
Realtime Reflections
Cartoon Shading
Specular Reflections
Individual-Limb Effects
Custom Shaders
FOV Controls(Zooming)
(Hopefully) Source Code Exporter
Windows GUI

This Game Engine wasn't originally meant to be released to the public yet but i have decided to do so, i am not the best programmer in the world so not everything in the engine will be perfect.
All Plugins used in this game engine will be free\open source and i will give credits when needed.
This engine will be used to create the series based off of the last apprentice or The Spooks Apprentice in other countries.

Download will be avaliable Here


Object Moving Interface

Game Testing (Not Finished)

Virtual Nomad
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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
Location: SF Bay Area, USA
Posted: 9th Dec 2010 04:37
no offense, travis, but it looks like you've served this up prematurely. especially so when the current features will either a) have to be re-written when planned features are implemented or, b) 'features' are standard dbpro features. further, i took a look at the current code offered and, as you continue to add to it, it will become a mountain of spaghetti without more formatting, indentation, etc.

anyway, ambitious project here and i wish you the best!

Virtual Nomad @ California, USA . DBPro V7.5
AMD Phenomâ„¢ X4 9750 Quad-Core @ 2.4 GHz . 8 GB PC2-6400 RAM
ATI Radeon HD 3650 @ 512 MB . Vista Home Premium 64 Bit
Travis Gatlin
Years of Service
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Joined: 14th May 2009
Location: Oxford, Alabama
Posted: 9th Dec 2010 23:06
None taken, ive never been good with organizing code.
and i know most of the features are standard, i plan to give this to people who cant program well but give them the same features as any programmer Could have.
im not really that good, but i figure that it will serve as a good training.

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