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Program Announcements / Access desktop database from iphones,blackberry

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Joined: 13th Dec 2010
Posted: 13th Dec 2010 11:56 Edited at: 16th Dec 2010 14:27
Virtual Nomad
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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
Location: SF Bay Area, USA
Posted: 13th Dec 2010 21:31
spammers just say "security" to me. i can't wait to skip this!

Virtual Nomad @ California, USA . DBPro V7.5
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Joined: 16th Apr 2003
Location: Metropia
Posted: 16th Dec 2010 12:28
Companies who must advertise on forums like this(of other developers no less) just scream worthless trashy product to me.

Besides, if you're going to announce a product, where's the screenshot? Read the forum rules noob!

"Only the educated are free" ~Epictetus
"Imagination is more important than knowledge..." ~Einstein
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Joined: 26th Dec 2006
Location: Duffield
Posted: 16th Dec 2010 14:28 Edited at: 16th Dec 2010 14:28
EDIT: Sorry, joke version removed...

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