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Work in Progress / Goblins Attack

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Joined: 6th Apr 2008
Posted: 25th Dec 2010 20:13
My team is currently developing a small action game in Unity 3d. We were hoping to let you guys know about it and see what you think.The facebook page for the game is here!/pages/Goblins-Attack/167308843292060

Goblins Attack will be a 3d action arena game. You play as one of two heroes who have been captured by a bloodthirsty band of goblins. Forced to battle for their very lives in the arena, you must use all of your strength and skill to conquer wave after wave of goblins. Some of the key features of Goblins Attack will be...

1. Play as one of two characters both with difference skills and abilities to help you defeat the goblins.

2. Battle five different kinds of goblins in a fight to the death!

3. Limitless gameplay featuring an infinite number of waves of goblins for you to conquer!!

Goblins Attack will be available for free download or play through your web browser!

If you would like to get more news about the game as it is developed or give me feedback then please like the facebook page here ...!/pages/Goblins-Attack/167308843292060

I can't wait to here your thoughts on the game!!!
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Joined: 8th Jul 2006
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Posted: 26th Dec 2010 02:33
Are Unity 3d games allowed here?

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Joined: 15th Jul 2010
Posted: 26th Dec 2010 04:21

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