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Music & Sound FX / Free music for your games (electronic and classical)

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Joined: 26th Dec 2010
Posted: 26th Dec 2010 23:49
Hi tgc community,

my name is Petertos and I'm new to tgc forums. I'm an indie flash developer, I'll show you my games later, but I'm here to offer FREE original music for your games. I'm currently making lots of classical and electronic style music tunes and I think I could make original ones for your games. I'm looking for games which take at least a couple of months to complete, or are made by several people (an Indie studio). That would be nice, but I'm open to work on smaller projects. All I'm asking in return is to bring back a link to my official site at the credits section of the game, or depending on the kind of release maybe a cut on benefits (I'm also open to discuss this but the free solution would be the first and nicer one). I'm open to any kind of games (flash, downloadable, online, but also HTML games and iPhone/Android games).

And... I guess you want to listen to music I make to see if it fits your games... this is easy. I've uploaded some pieces at a special (and secret) section of my site: .

Feel free to contact me if you're interested through the email post at the website. There's a password protected directory with more tracks on the URL above, I just put it that way to ensure my music is listened only by a few and when you release your game it's new and fresh for everyone! If you want to access this zone, please send me an email and I will grant you access to it.

Best regards,


Love games

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