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Music & Sound FX / delays in sound sdks, typical?

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Posted: 30th Dec 2010 03:56
Hi all, I'm currently programming in Irrlicht. I have never developed a game that required sound accuracy. This being my first shot at it, I find my self stumped. Yes I have asked the irrlicht board, only to find no answers. But the irlicht does not develop a sound engine in their core. So I have to use others. A few work well with irrlicht, audiere for example.

After reading on various boards I find this is a rather a common problem, but I see mainly unfinished threads. I did read that, audiere gives the least amount of latency, as one fellow stated. For me its about a second delay, and if that is the best I can get, I'm in trouble.

So a few question..

1) would anyone here agree that this is my fate or strongly disagree?

2) Is there a Sound SDK that anyone would recommend.

3) Is this the best a small budged game developer is to expect these days?

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Posted: 3rd Jan 2011 00:27
if its not a darbasic question i cannot help....sorry!

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