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DarkBASIC Discussion / darkedit not working

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Joined: 25th Dec 2010
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Posted: 4th Jan 2011 06:02
when i go into darkedit and make something when i play it an error pops up saying error running core. please help.
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Joined: 23rd Jul 2006
Posted: 4th Jan 2011 21:02

You have to setup darkedit in order to use it. You need to tell it where DB.exe lives.

Start DarkEdit

Click on

Edit > Edit Options > DarkBASIC Options tab

Under the heading DarkBASIC Program: click on the little folder and find the path to DB.exe.

Once you find it and select DB.exe, click on Open, then Click on OK.

Enjoy your day.
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Posted: 6th Feb 2011 14:28 Edited at: 6th Feb 2011 14:29
If you can run programs from the built in editor (black background) then follow what Latch says. If not you might have to update your graphics drivers.

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