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Music & Sound FX / Best audio engine for Pocket pc to..

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Posted: 13th Jan 2011 04:44
Hi all,

total newbie here looking for some advice on what I should be looking for to manipulate data/sound, hmm this is a big ask and far harder to explain than I thought.

Ok, Im using an open souce software program called OBD Gauge on a pocket pc, I have 3 data streams (figures or frequencies) that I need to run and mix through an audio engine which needs to play a looping Wav/mp3 (car engine) to 1 of the frequencies and also have the ability to vary in tone/volume/pitch by the other 2 data streams ie, throttle position and car speed.. with the ability to also trigger or loop additional Wav/mp3 files such as ie, a turbo dump valve Wav.

Am I correct in thinking that I need to find an open source audio engine and somehow make it able to plug in to the gauge software Any suggestions on what direction I should go?

Many thanks in advance..

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