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DarkBASIC Discussion / ATI 5900 Video Cards supported? Getting Flicker

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Joined: 9th Jan 2003
Posted: 14th Feb 2011 02:17 Edited at: 14th Feb 2011 02:20
Just curious if anyone has or tested an ATI 5900 series video card with DarkBasic

I have developed several games using DarkBasic...

-Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of the Servants
-Last Half of Darkness: Beyond the Spirits Eye
-Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir

Several customers having trouble with the ATI 5900... they get a "flickering/flashing" while playing the game.

I suggested upgrading videocard drivers... and contacted gamecreators support - but they just say to upgrade to dark basic pro... (which I am for new game) - but wanted to know if anyone knew any other tricks to getting previous games to work without flicker.

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Posted: 14th Feb 2011 21:40
If I remember correctly, DB Classic is based upon DX 7. I thought I read somewhere that they were working on making the ATI 5900 so that it will work with DX 11. Perhaps they weren't too worried about making sure it works with DX 7. (Dunno for sure; just a guess).

TGC has not supported DB Classic for some time, so it's no surprise they want you to go with DB Pro. I doubt that upgrading the ATI drivers will help, but it makes sense to at least suggest that.

The games look like a great deal of work went into the media creation, and perhaps it would be possible to take the DBC source code and make the necessary edits to allow it to run in DB Pro?

BTW, those games look really cool. Are you WRF Studios?

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Joined: 9th Jan 2003
Posted: 15th Feb 2011 01:35 Edited at: 15th Feb 2011 01:37
Thanks for posting...

I may need to edit and re-compile in DarkBasic Pro to get it to work. It's just sort of a big deal to do all that just for one video card... since all the other cards work fine. It won't be an easy conversion to db pro.

I thought since people are still posting on the forum about DB Classic that maybe someone had an ATI card and figured out some sort of trick to get it to work.

If anyone has figure out a trick (or even some sort of third-party utility to run in background prior to starting game) that would be cool.

Yes... I am WRF Studios. Thanks for taking a look at my games.

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