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Music & Sound FX / Vinyl record scratch effect

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Posted: 14th Feb 2011 03:24

For my fun musical hobby projects to continue my adventure into the world of audio programming I want to simulate a vinyl record scratch effect with the mouse using some sound data I have loaded from a WAV file.

I have it so I take the mouse start and end position and times and with a lerp stretch the samples into an audio output buffer. At the moment I am just point sampling.

It kind of sounds like a scratch sound but isn't quite right. I really just want something efficient that sounds good (I don't really want a whole physical simulation of a turntable) but I am not sure which areas I should be concentrating on to improve this?

Any help appreciated!


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Posted: 14th Feb 2011 23:30
I would imagine you would have to add feed back on top of stretching the sample. A real turntable scratch doesnt just change the sample speed the actual motion causes feedback as well.

Im not sure how to better explain it, but hopefully that will help a bit.

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