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Code Snippets / [DBP]+[Matrix1utils]+[d3dfunc] Cool infinite line thing

Neuro Fuzzy
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Joined: 11th Jun 2007
Posted: 29th Mar 2011 02:55
I thought it would be cool if you had a vertical line segment, shrunk it, rotated it, and added it to previous versions of itself over and over again.

Here are some pictures generated with this algorithm:

Basically, each pattern is described by two values: Theta and scale. Any two adjacent lines from a "theta" degree angle, and each line after any other line is "scale" times smaller.

So long as "scale" is less than one, there is a final point (a point after you iterate this an infinite number of times, and isn't at infinity).

This program makes pictures like that! The red circle you can see - if it isn't covered up by lines - is the final point. Which you CAN calculate. I used an infinite series of matrices, because that's just cool.

W and S keys control "zoom"
UP and DOWN arrow keys control "scale" (limited to in between 0 and 1)
LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys control "theta".

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Posted: 2nd Apr 2011 03:19
Nice job, as usual.

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