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Work in Progress / Zone XXI

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Joined: 12th Mar 2009
Posted: 6th Apr 2011 05:38 Edited at: 6th Apr 2011 06:13
Zone XXI

If you saw the post from Schulzy requesting a programmer this is the progress of it. I decided to make a new thread, because the old one didn't have a name to it and was requesting a programmer. If a mod could have that thread deleted please, that would be great. Since that thread, we started to work on the game Schulzy had in mind, but after hardcoding about a quarter of a level, we decided a level editor would be best. We decided to call the game Zone XXI to have an alien type theme in the 21st century. This thread will keep up with the current state of the editor and the game itself. You can also keep up with the game or any other new occurances by going to my Experimental Games blog or checking my YouTube channelto see any new video updates.

Features List:
=Getting worked on

Collision calculated placement
Physics(Works, should have convex hulls)
Edit mode(Moving and removing already place objects)
Objects scaling
Pausing physics
Spawn zone placement
Static and dynamic objects
Destructable crates
Powerup zones(Might just make them the same as spawn zones)
Random area constraint for objects

Game Engine
Ship shadow
Ship control
Loading of maps
Multiplayer support
Highscore system
Spawning in zones

Trash Cans(Might at a dumpster)
Toolbox(aka health recovery, no texture)
1 Story houses(2 out of the 3 modeled, none textured)
Ship(no texture yet)
Light post
Cars(Plan to have 2 or 3 simple cars)
2 Story House(plan to have about 2

These are just some of the few plans, we may add more as we go. If anyone has any suggestion of stuff we should add to the game, please let us know. We'd be glad to add it to our list, because we're not making this game for us. We're making it for the players.

Zone Editor Introduction

Destructible Crates

We're always willing to add more modelers to the team, between just Schulzy and I. The models and media are bogging us down. Anyone willing to help, we'd be glad to have you on board, just contact me at

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Posted: 8th Apr 2011 01:42
Looks promising so far, physics are a bit jaggy though or is that the recording?

Any info on what the game is going to be about?

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Joined: 12th Mar 2009
Posted: 8th Apr 2011 07:36
Thats the recording. The physics are rather smooth. The funny part is I don't have a very good idea. The Schulzy is the one with all the ideas. I believe he wants it to be a top down spaceship shooter based in an urban area. I just took up the project because i figured it'd be fun

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