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DarkBASIC Discussion / Need Help! Just learning Dark BASIC

Beginner who needs help!
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Joined: 12th Apr 2011
Posted: 13th Apr 2011 05:05
I just got Dark Basic Professional. When going through the tutorials on Building Standalone Executables, I tried to save the test program in the specified folder, but when I exit out of BASIC and try to look for the file it says it doesn't exist. I've tried it several times but nothing is working. Once I click build it says that it has saved. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
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Posted: 18th Apr 2011 16:57 Edited at: 18th Apr 2011 16:57
Have you saved your source files? If your project is un-saved, it will store the exe in a temp folder. It's better to save your code, and then build.

Also, you don't have to compile the exe and then look for it to run it, you can just hit F5 in the editor, and it will compile and execute it. I think shift+F5 will only build it, and pressing F6 will execute the last compiled executable.


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