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DarkBASIC Discussion / Dark Basic plug-ins for use in FPSC

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Joined: 30th Apr 2011
Posted: 3rd Jun 2011 11:20
Hi there,

This may be a bit of a cross-platform question, but as I understand, FPSC is all based on dbo/dark basic language scripting.

Does this mean that things that I create like dark clouds, shaders,treemagik, etc, can be implemented directly into FPSC? It seems only logical that one could develop things in these dark basic plug-ins without a lot of coding knowledge, and then add the scripts to an FPSC project. Does this work?
Thanks in advance.
Robert The Robot
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Joined: 8th Jan 2007
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Posted: 5th Jun 2011 14:58
Yes, but it is a lot more work than you'd think.

Firstly, FPSC was written in DBpro, not DBC (so you query is actually in the wrong board, but never mind). Dark Clouds is a DBPro plugin, it can't be dropped into FPSC unless you modify the FPSC game engine to make use of it. Thnks to TGC, the full DBPro source code for FPSC is available to you (if you purchased FPSC) and you can download DBPro for free (if you don't already have it).

The other stuff you mention is far easier. TreeMagik is not a plugin, but a program in its own right - you can save the trees as DBO objects, and then it is possible to load them into FPSC (I'm not sure how you would convert them to entities, presumably you would need to write an .fpe file for the object).

If you have DarkShader then you can write and preview your own shaders, and devlop your own special effects for how the objects appear on screen. I think in the full version of FPSC you are allowed to assign shaders to each object.

I'm afraid i only played about with FPSC Free, so my knowledge is a little limited. You could try asking on the FPSC boards if you wanted more advice.

Hope this helps!

We spend our lives chasing dreams. Dark Basic lets us catch some of them.
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Joined: 30th Apr 2011
Posted: 6th Jun 2011 04:18
Hi Robert,

Yes, thanks. This helps a lot!
I've been using the full version of FPSC for several weeks and have found that it is easy to learn to add/change things with the scripting language, but didn't know DBPro was available for free. Wow!
Also, I have learned how to create and edit FPE scripts so that tells me exactly what it would be like to implement treemagik into the FPSC environment. I love the idea of adding any kind of subtle dimension to an environment that is possible. Also, I've seen some amazing talent from the likes of bond1 with what can be done with shaders, but wasn't sure if the dark shader process was as easy as learning to use a good app or if it was difficult like source level coding. I think these two things will help add some nice custom atmosphere to my FPSC project.
Thank you for taking the time to describe this for me.
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Posted: 18th Jun 2011 15:14 Edited at: 18th Jun 2011 15:23
hi cds1234,

did you ever manage to get tree magik into fpsc. after reading this post i decide to give a try. at first i had some luck. my tree would load but the texture were coming mess up.(pica) then i did some sreach on the forum, with help there i got pic b.

this are the steps i did.
1.after u make ur tree, when you export, export as .x file.
the files in here make sure you write down the name of the txture .png file. i explain in a bit why.

2. i use the FPSC entity maker.(you can find it here
watch the videos it will show how to setup.
when you get to part 5.
do what he does for object. : make sure it dynamic, ismobile yes,
leave the texture blank. in the fpe file it needs to be blank in order for it work in fpsc. make sure you have all those file together:ie, jpg,png,.x,and the fpe files.

now when you are in fpsc make an area. go to entity load your tree. right click, make sure the texture field is blank also.
in your fpe, the texture should also be blank. read from another forum topic about trees.
so thats how i did it. if you figure out already then cool. this is for other who find this. maybe it will help them out



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Joined: 30th Apr 2011
Posted: 18th Jun 2011 17:26
Thank you for taking the time to share your experience!
Yes, this is the process I use as well. I had hoped that trees might possibly be single texture in order to have better light/shade options, but they come out looking pretty good and are easy to scale.
The plant maker is a nice program as well. Can you a LOT of time, money, and work making tons of flower/weed/etc.

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