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Music & Sound FX / If u need music tracks for your videos (music producer & Sound engineering)

shadow mon 2
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Joined: 16th Jun 2011
Posted: 16th Jun 2011 15:04
hey people
i been working with this guys for awile
they make music for videos and games, I just tell them what king of music I want and they and they send me back the music with the tempo that i joused, they are cheap and working very fast
I think they help with your games, and this is there Email:

If you need music track for your video in any kind of music: club - hip hop - jazz - classic, we are ready to make the beat for you in the Fastest time, Instead of go to a recording studio and west your time we ready to make the track in a day with 20$ only

or if you need to remix something or edit a sound track, Chope it or loop it, put extra sound or any thing Have Relevance to the sound and music engineering we are ready, and as I told you we get the job done in one day and with the best prices ever.
Our Dealings will be through the internet, people sent us the video and there ideas about the music track for the video and we start working on it.

To contact us:
or in the private massages
thank you

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