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Code Snippets / [DBP] - [Matrix1Utils][d3dfunc] Quadtree

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Posted: 6th Jul 2011 11:24 Edited at: 6th Jul 2011 11:31

Basically... A quadtree is used to separate space, and organize objects. It's used a lot in situations where points are clustered together.

I'm feeling especially lazy right now, and honestly it's better to write your own quadtree code than to learn how I do it, so I'll drop this code here with admittedly little information for you.You can press the spacebar or click to add points. if it goes too fast, limit the framerate. There's one bug with the code where you'll sometimes see subtrees with nothing in them - That's bad.

A quadtree is good for grouped points. In this demo, every point eventually tends to spread out, and become homogeneously distributed across the screen. That doesn't exercise the benefits of a quadtree. if you comment out the code responsible for moving the points, you can see the grouping much better (like so

also, this is kinda old code of mine. I'm just posting it because I figure other people could use it xD
That means I'm not immediately familiar with the code.

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