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Code Snippets / [DBP] - Pattern Generator

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Joined: 21st Aug 2009
Posted: 11th Jul 2011 19:53
Ok, so this isn't a very complicated bit of code, but it is still pretty cool. It basically loops through every pixel on your screen and sets it to a different colour based on some random maths. You can get some pretty cool effects out of it. I've added some examples at the bottom of the code, but you can change it to pretty much anything. I used to use some of these as the background on my phone :L

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Neuro Fuzzy
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Joined: 11th Jun 2007
Posted: 12th Jul 2011 23:32 Edited at: 13th Jul 2011 00:23
Ahah, that's a great idea. I love how the sin(x) swapping negative and positive completely changes the color scheme xD

I couldn't resist writing a supersampled version to get rid of the jaggies:

change the last parameter of "calculateSuperSampled" to add more computation time, but get a nicer image. Keep in mind that this is a squared relationship. when sampling=0, the number of function calculations per pixel is 1. smapling=1, calculations=9, sampling=2, calculations=25, sampling=3, calculations=49, and in general, calculations=(sampling*2+1)^2



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