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Code Snippets / [DBP] - Curve Value Kit: Smooth interpolation (movement) along with extra curve value functions

Chris Tate
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Posted: 23rd Jul 2011 04:50 Edited at: 25th Jul 2011 09:48
Hello once again

This code snippet of mine is for those who rearly use the CurveValue function due to not being sure how to use it, and there are also extra curve value functions supplied that my interest others who are more experienced.

For anyone who wants to move or animate something smoothly, and to then suddenly reposition or change a value (or object) instantly to something (or somewhere) else. Check out the 'CutOff' functions in the snippet.

For anyone new, generally the CurveValue command will smoothly change one value to another, each time it is called. The smoothness is determined by how high the integer speed value is in DBPRO (or how low it is in GDK as far as I can see).

You may also use a ratio of 0.0 - 1.0 for the speed parameter of the [CurveValueByRatio] function to adjust your value according to the floating point ratio; where 1.0 = 100%.

Media files and project
This requires media files because it also uses CurveValue commands to play music and sounds at different volumes, so please download the latest verion here.

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