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DarkBASIC Discussion / I found a copy of, who needs it?

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Joined: 18th Jan 2007
Location: France
Posted: 23rd Jul 2011 14:10
I do not have the English translation, but the code is simple to understand.
List of commands:

Make Vector2
Delete Vector2
Set Vector2
Add Vector2
Subtract Vector2
X Vector2
Y Vector2
Catmullrom Vector2
Copy Vector2
Divide Vector2
Multiply Vector2
Dot Product Vector2
BCC Vector2
Squared Length Vector2
Length Vector2
Hermite Vector2
Is Equal Vector2
Linear Interpolate Vector2
Maximize Vector2
Minimize Vector2
Normalize Vector2
Scale Vector2
CCW Vector2
Transform Coords Vector2
Make Vector3
Delete Vector3
Set Vector3
Add Vector3
Subtract Vector3
X Vector3
Y Vector3
Z Vector3
Catmullrom Vector3
Copy Vector3
Divide Vector3
Multiply Vector3
Dot Product Vector3
BCC Vector3
Squared Length Vector3
Length Vector3
Hermite Vector3
Is Equal Vector3
Linear Interpolate Vector3
Maximize Vector3
Minimize Vector3
Normalize Vector3
Scale Vector3
Cross Product Vector3
Project Vector3
Transform Coords Vector3
Transform Normals Vector3
Make Vector4
Delete Vector4
Set Vector4
Add Vector4
Subtract Vector4
X Vector4
Y Vector4
Z Vector4
W Vector4
Catmullrom Vector4
Copy Vector4
Divide Vector4
Multiply Vector4
BCC Vector4
Squared Length Vector4
Length Vector4
Hermite Vector4
Is Equal Vector4
Linear Interpolate Vector4
Maximize Vector4
Minimize Vector4
Normalize Vector4
Scale Vector4
Transform Vector4
Make Matrix4
Delete Matrix4
Copy Matrix4
Build LookAt LHMatrix4
Build LookAt RHMatrix4
Build Ortho LHMatrix4
Build Ortho RHMatrix4
Build FOV LHMatrix4
Build FOV RHMatrix4
Build Perspective LHMatrix4
Build Perspective RHMatrix4
Build Reflection Matrix4
Build Rotation Axis Matrix4
Set Identity Matrix4
Is Equal Matrix4
Is Identity Matrix4
Add Matrix4
Subtract Matrix4
Multiply Matrix4
Multiply Matrix4 Scalar
Scale Matrix4
Translate Matrix4
Transpose Matrix4
Rotate YPR Matrix4
Rotate X Matrix4
Rotate Y Matrix4
Rotate Z Matrix4
World Matrix4
View Matrix4
Projection Matrix4
Determinant Matrix4
Inverse Matrix4
Divide Matrix4
Get Matrix Element

Pick Object
Intersect Object
Pick Screen
Get Pick Vector X
Get Pick Vector Y
Get Pick Vector Z
Get Pick Distance
Get Pick Poly
Get Pick Poly Normal X
Get Pick Poly Normal Y
Get Pick Poly Normal Z
Get Pick Poly Plane Distance
Get Pick Poly VertexA X
Get Pick Poly VertexA Y
Get Pick Poly VertexA Z
Get Pick Poly VertexB X
Get Pick Poly VertexB Y
Get Pick Poly VertexB Z
Get Pick Poly VertexC X
Get Pick Poly VertexC Y
Get Pick Poly VertexC Z


AMD Athlon(tm)XP 3200+ (2.2GHz) / DDR pc3200 (3x1024Mo) / Nvidia 6800GT (driver 197.45 WHQL)/ XP Pro SP3 / DirectX 9.0c (February 2010)/ DBClassic v1.2 / DBPro v7.4


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