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Work in Progress / DGDK - Zombie Horde WIP (Nazi Zombie Type Game)

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Joined: 29th Jul 2011
Location: Fresno, CA
Posted: 3rd Aug 2011 23:51 Edited at: 4th Aug 2011 10:23
Computer crashed so I have to restart

Game Name: Zombie Horde
Game Version: 1.0
Company Name: TK-Games
Game Description: Nazi Zombie Type Game
Categories: arcade, horror
TGC Version: DGDK
File Size: 7.5MB
Download: Zombie Horde v1


Four Zombie Maps - 100%
Saving/Loading - 100%
Changing Options - 100%
Weapon Select - 100%
Specific recoil per weapon - 100%
Ammo - 100%
Health - 100%
Zombies Hitting - 0%
Waves - 25%
Knifing - 100%
HUD - 100%
Perks - 0%
Pick Ups (Nuke, 2x Points, ect...) - 0%
Sounds - 70%

In v1:
In version 1 it is just a basic zombie game. As of the moment zombies cannot hurt you, but they do run at you and dodge bullets. You can save and load your game, choose from many weapons and more! I hope you enjoy!

In v2:
In version 2 I will have it to where there are waves of zombies, and they will attack you. I am also going to try to make it to where you can have perks and pickups. More info soon.

Your base has been overrun with zombies! You and your team have decided to start up a special task force to destroy the zombie infestation. Head out and destroy those zombies!


Move Up ------------------- W
Move Down---------------- S
Move Left ----------------- A
Move Right --------------- D

Reload Weapon --------- R
Fire Weapon ------------- Left Mouse Button
Knife ----------------------- Right Mouse Button

Primary Weapon -------- 1
Secondary Weapon ---- 2
Switch Weapon --------- Mouse Wheel

The HUD (Heads up display) in the game provides players with vital information about their health and ammunition supply, as well as zombies killed. The following is an explanation for each item on the HUD, ordered from top left to top right:

Health: This displays the player\'s remaining health in a form of a health bar. Once this bar reaches zero, the player will die and the mission will be failed.

Ammunition: This shows the remaining ammo in the player\'s clip. When this reaches zero, the weapon will automatically begin reloading. The weapon may be fired again once the weapon is reloaded.

Enemies Killed: This display shows the total number of enemies killed in the current mission.

Choose your weapon wisely. It can be a matter of life and death. Each zombie you kill will give you a point bonus. With these bonuses you can purchase weapon upgrades, armor, and numerous perks. Good luck soilder!

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Joined: 29th Jul 2011
Location: Fresno, CA
Posted: 4th Aug 2011 08:44
I have bad news my computer crashed and I lost everything. That's okay though. It just means that I have to start over. I'm really sorry everyone. I purchased a new laptop as soon as it happened so its all good. I'll start everything right now and again I'm sorry everyone.

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Joined: 12th Dec 2009
Posted: 4th Aug 2011 09:13
Dang that sucks man, always gotta save stuff on an external hard drive man. Really keep up the good work, I really like your ideas and your games have a very professional feel.
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Joined: 29th Jul 2011
Location: Fresno, CA
Posted: 4th Aug 2011 09:33 Edited at: 4th Aug 2011 09:34
Thank you thank you. I didnt have an external, but I did pick one up today when i got my laptop. Its pretty nice, 6GB RAM, 1.5TB HDD, and a INTEL PENTIUM 4 640 641 3.2GHz processor


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