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Work in Progress / Awkward Bob: Super Generic Platform World

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Joined: 2nd Oct 2010
Posted: 7th Aug 2011 03:13 Edited at: 7th Aug 2011 20:33
Join Awkward Bob on a fun-filled, coin-collecting adventure through Super Generic Platform World to rescue Princess Pumkinbelly from the mean Harmadillo King! Or something.


This game is very early in development... there are a few bugs, and more game mechanics to implement. The demo is about 3-4 minutes of gameplay (or longer, if you die often).

"Options" menu item doesn't work at the moment, but you can edit global.ini to change resolution and volume.

Demo (updated):
If you get an error about a missing DLL:

Music by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons attribution 3.0.

Any feedback on playability and performance would be much appreciated!
Max P
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Joined: 23rd Jan 2010
Posted: 7th Aug 2011 14:15
Fun game!
But it crashes in windowed mode and when in fullscreen it gave an 'object does not exist' error after the purple rotating platforms. (Those in the 2nd screenshot)

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