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3 Dimensional Chat / Import to Cartography shop 4

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Joined: 31st Jul 2011
Posted: 7th Aug 2011 13:12
I want make level with Cartography shop, but i can`t import files, because i canĀ“t export file to .csm. How can i export .x to .csm. Or what do you propose for me? I use Darkbasic pro...
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Joined: 27th Aug 2011
Location: The Grid
Posted: 10th Sep 2011 23:34
I'm trying to figure the same thing out. ill try and figure some stuff out and tell you if i find anything

Travis Gatlin
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Joined: 14th May 2009
Location: Oxford, Alabama
Posted: 11th Sep 2011 04:39
heh, Just go to the cartography shop directory
C:\Program Files\Cartography Shop\prefabs
(for windows 7: C:\Program Files(x86)\Cartography Shop\prefabs)
then place your models in that folder, they should appear then.

My Mind is very odd, it can memorize hundreds of commands, memorize 2 dictionary's worth of words, and make detailed 3D models. Yet my mind has trouble with the most simple calculations.

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