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2D All the way! / Free RPG Engine?

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Joined: 7th Aug 2011
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Posted: 7th Aug 2011 17:45
(Not sure if this goes here but...)
I've been looking for an up-to-date *free* RPG Engine.
I havent been able to find one, though. Any help?
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Joined: 14th Feb 2009
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Posted: 9th Aug 2011 00:24
Make your own. I don't mean this in a sarcastic or rude way, but try to make your own. Of course it will require work, but it's not only a great learning experience but it's also very fun (in my opinion of course). I'm assuming this is going to be 2D so that makes it a ton easier than working in 3D. Also, if you make your own then you have full control over every aspect and can really make it your own. With that said, there won't be any free good RPG engines available for 2 reasons:

1. They are a decent amount of work.
2. RPG's are very game specific and to make a universal engine would be very difficult to do while keeping it cheap/free.

My final words, try to make your own. Keep it simple to begin with, but when you grow more comfortable then advance the engine further and further until it's complete.

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Joined: 22nd Aug 2010
Posted: 10th Aug 2011 00:44
I haven't found any free RPG engines that are worth sinking any time into. I've wasted a lot of time looking too.

What you will find when looking for free RPG engines are a lot of people with good intentions and nothing to show. The few that do have something to show usually quit after a year.

You could make an RPG with Darkbasic Pro. It's free. There are some examples around too. It isn't an engine though so you would have to figure out how to import tile maps from a ready-made editor, or make your own. It's kind of a drag if you just want to dive in an get going with an RPG.

Sorry that isn't more helpful. I haven't found anything out there or I'd be using it myself.
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Joined: 1st Feb 2010
Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Posted: 12th Aug 2011 21:37
Well, there is Engine 001!

Abdul Ahad

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Joined: 8th Nov 2007
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Posted: 13th Aug 2011 02:39
Up to date? You mean something you can create Skyrim with?

Well, I would suggest RPGMaker or Realmcrafter if you are looking for something like this

Your best bet would be UDK or Unity.


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Joined: 7th Sep 2004
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Posted: 6th Nov 2011 02:33
My two cents: Unity is f*king excellent for high tier stuff.

However, this isn't the place for that - I am currently working on a 2D RPG written entirely from scratch by myself, alone. It's almost finished; Click my sig to see what's possible!

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