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Work in Progress / My First DarkBasic Game: "Blake the Snake"

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Joined: 27th Jul 2011
Location: Boise, Idaho, USA
Posted: 10th Aug 2011 03:48 Edited at: 10th Aug 2011 06:14
Here is my first ever Dark Basic game, that I named "Blake the Snake", and yes it is yet another classic worm game.

While the graphics lack any glitter, it does seem to allow the game to run very fast even on old computers.

I'm sure there are bugs and suggestions for this project as it stands, so I will welcome all advice/suggestions/comments

It was programmed in Dark Basic Classic and as of right now, only uses 3 sounds that are included in the Dark Basic Classic media folder under the sounds folder. Those sounds are "explode1", "hum1", and "select".

Here is my code:

As of right now, I only have 6 rooms to progress through, but have plans to add more rooms, probably in the 12 to 15 room range.

If you copy and paste the code, you can simply change the SYNC rate at the beginning to alter the game speed! If my current game is too easy, you could always change the sync rate to 60, heh.

Anyhow, have fun with the downloadable executable that weighs in at only about 2 MB, and includes the sounds.

Keep in mind that I put in a stop that allowed people to go back into themselves thus killing themselves (ie hitting the 'move down' key while snake is moving up) you cannot immediately move in the opposite direction that you are moving. This is pretty common in most of the snake games I have ever played, just keep this in mind while maneuvering through the rooms.

Please comment, no matter how "harsh" on my first completed game!


- Zaxx


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Dr Tank
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Joined: 1st Apr 2009
Location: Southampton, UK
Posted: 10th Aug 2011 04:47 Edited at: 10th Aug 2011 04:50
This is really nice. Better than my first game. You'll go far!

I got to level 3. It's pretty hard! I really like the sound effects, and the presentation is nice. It feels like a proper oldskool game. Are you an oldskool coder? What with all the gotos, it reminds me a bit of something I might have typed from an Amstrad magazine back in the day.

One thing that might be a bug is that when you exit the level, you snake is "counted out" to score, but not from the tail to head.
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Joined: 27th Jul 2011
Location: Boise, Idaho, USA
Posted: 10th Aug 2011 05:06 Edited at: 10th Aug 2011 06:24
Thanks Dr Tank!

Yes, I used to have a Commodore 64 as a kid back in the mid 1980's. So THAT is definitely where all my gotos and stuff come from for sure. I KNOW there are easier ways to do this stuff in DarkBasic now, but habits are still here even 25 years later, lol. I never really programmed a whole lot or actually "finished" any games on that old Commodore 64, but I used to buy those old "COMPUTE!" and "Compute! Gazette" magazines and type in all those pages of code to get my new games. So I guess some of that stuck, because I haven't programmed anything at all until this game the past 25 years or so.

Thanks for pointing that out, yes I did intend for the snake to erase from tail to head on the exit of a room, and I couldn't exactly figure out what's wrong with my code. I tried a couple of different things, thought I had it a couple of times because it would work just as I planned a time or two, but then it would divide up the snake again. I'm sure if I spend 30 minutes just looking and THINKING about it rather then just randomly trying stuff, I can figure it out, lol. {shrugs}

But glad you enjoy it! Just goes to prove a game doesn't require super fancy graphics to still be fun, even in 2011 I guess.

Anyhow thanks, and I will definitely take more suggestions and update it. I haven't even done anything to it the past couple weeks after working on it over a couple nights initially.

Also I was thinking about adding in a speed choice at the beginning because as it is now, I know my kids give up too easy and say that it is just too fast and "too hard dad!"

... I know I could speed it up by increasing the Sync rate, but to slow it down for a slower option, I am scared to go below 30 for a sync rate as I don't want to sacrifice key checks just to move slower. I was looking for advice on how to slow the game speed down to about half this speed without sacrificing game play or checks for user key presses.

Any advice is welcome!

Also, I am setting this code to open source. Make it your own and play with it or change the sounds/graphics or whatever if you feel so inclined!

- Zaxx
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Joined: 27th Jul 2011
Location: Boise, Idaho, USA
Posted: 10th Aug 2011 06:18

Code snipet in orignal post #1 updated.
.. Downloadable EXE in Original Post also updated.

FIX: Snake should now delete from it's tail to its head correctly when exiting a room after eating 10 apples.

It worked for me about 10 times in a row correctly. Please let me know of any other abnormalities as well as any other comments/suggestions you might have!

- Zaxx
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Joined: 30th May 2007
Location: Denmark
Posted: 22nd Aug 2011 18:49
Pretty nice...

I find the snake a bit too speedy though
Hard as hell...

Also the controls seem a bit unresponsive compared to the snake speed. It doesn't quite react immediately when I try to make snappy turns

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Joined: 13th Nov 2008
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Posted: 22nd Aug 2011 19:20
Very nice, had a lot of fun.

I also think that the snake is pretty fast. It was a bit hard to make fine adjustments.

The presentation is very well done, like the retro feel.

I may have found a bug: when I was moving past the center wall in room 2 it said I had crashed.

Overall it was very fun.

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