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PureGDK / [STICKY] PureGDK 2.0 Beta - User Testimonials

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Posted: 11th Aug 2011 02:48 Edited at: 11th Aug 2011 03:00
Some quotes from beta testers that really personify the PureGDK experience:

Quote: "I've been working on a small DarkGDK game for some time now. .. for the last month I've had a extremely bad bug that just stopped my whole game from working altogether, and I could not find out what was causing it. Once I merged the code to the latest PureGDK. The problem seemed to fix itself.

There is really no denying this is by far superior. And it has brilliant support."

(PureGDK provides bug fixes and enhancements under the hood where possible)

Quote: "I was EXTREMELY impressed with the documentation. It didn't miss anything and I had next to no problems as it covered everything I needed to know perfectly. I got a level of my game running on the second compile!"

Quote: "It's great that you return std::string from functions that used to return char* in Dark GDK."

Quote: "The [documentation] is GREAT"

Quote: ".. the automatic ID allocation is another GREAT feature which I will definitely use."

Quote: "So far I'm getting more than double the frame rate [compared to DarkGDK], this is awesome!"

Quote: "With my short time working with the latest build of PureGDK, I was able to port my DGDK game over, have massive performance increases, numerous bugs fixes, and start experiencing with a massive range of DBPro plugins.

PureGDK, in other words, is nothing short of the best product on TGC at the moment.

Props to Mistrel. His dedication and helpful support is delivering a product with ten times the capability of Dark GDK."

Quote: "I made the jump over today and after porting my project over I was surprised at the speed increase between [DarkGDK] and PureGDK.
I also like the freedom it gives you. Start a new 'Blank' project from Visual Studio. Getting used to being in the open environment now with full access to the WinApi."

Quote: "I like the speed increase, and I've just checked, it was in debug mode and not release either.

So far a big thumbs up..."

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