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Work in Progress / Formula 1 Management Sim writen in Darkbasic pro - please take a look & feedback

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Joined: 20th Mar 2008
Posted: 15th Aug 2011 10:46 Edited at: 20th Aug 2011 12:49

Just wanted to share a project with you that I have been working on for a few years, written in Darkbasic Pro.

Would be intereted in getting feedback from the video and any code snipets you think could help me.

The hardest part was getting the cars on track piece working. Basically I have waypoints and cars with variable gaps between them. At the end of each lap whe nthe car in first place passes the line, the gaps are recalculated and updated stats updated (hence the delay)

Any tips much appreciated.

See video here on home page

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Posted: 15th Aug 2011 13:12
Looks very impressive

(moved to WIP, DBPro board is for language-specific questions)

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